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policyThe Center of Excellence in Evidence-Based Intervention is newly established to identify and support implementation of evidence-based interventions for children, youth, and families facing behavioral health and substance use problems in the state of South Carolina.

How can we best help children, youth, and families involved in public systems including mental health, social service, substance use, education, healthcare, and juvenile justice systems?  The answer is evidence based programs and practices (i.e. those that are backed by well-conducted research).

As a policymaker, your constituents may be asking you for help seeking or obtaining services for mental health or substance use concerns for their children or other family members.  The National Alliance on Mental Illness notes that one in five Americans may be impacted by a mental health condition at some point in their lives, so you may be personally touched by these common challenges.

What can be done to support the thousands of us that consider South Carolina home when we face such challenges for our children and adolescents?

One way is to focus investment in the types of treatments that have been shown through careful and rigorous research to be effective (called evidence-based interventions).

The South Carolina Center of Excellence can help.  Here on this website you can find information on some of the most common evidence-based practices used on our state; this list will grow and change over time as new programs and capabilities are added.

Links for Policymakers:

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