computer-pc-apple-business-159859Welcome!  The South Carolina Center of Excellence in Evidence-Based Intervention supports providers and organizations working with children, youth and families who are struggling with mental health and substance use challenges in the state of South Carolina.  

How the Center Helps Providers

 The Center is designed to help address the many barriers related to providing evidence-based behavioral health services to children, youth, and families in our state.  The Center works to identify and share information on evidence-based interventions, which can be challenging, especially as the number and type of evidence-based interventions grows. The Center is also working to collect information on what kinds of evidence-based interventions are currently being used to help children, youth, and families in South Carolina.

Links for Providers

Below are resources for communities and caregivers to assist them with coping and supporting others after traumatic events involving mass violence.  

SAMHSA Resources:


General Resources:

Resources for Parents and Guardians: